My Zen Path

Dear reader,

My Zen Path completed 7 years on 25th November 2022. I haven't been able to add new posts here in the last 6 months, so there were no newsletters either. This is largely due to my full-time work that takes up most of my mental space currently. 

However, starting next month I plan to resume the monthly newsletter. I also hope to write more regularly here. I have a few more plans for 2023 as I slow up, and I'll share them in my newsletters.

In this newsletter I'm sharing 7 recommended posts from the last 7 years. Do go through the excerpts, see the images and see if something resonates with you.

reader, I would love to hear your inputs on one of these. It's an elixir that never fails to motivate. :-)

Looking forward,
~ Manish @
July 24th, 2024


How much money do you need to be happy?

“I do not want money to dictate my life, work & happiness” is a conscious, thoughtful decision and it has very little to do with the actual amount of money that you have in your account. Of course, it will vary from an individual to individual...


What makes us feel good about our work?

In a classic Adam Smith Vs. Karl Marx debate, he discusses Efficiency Vs. Meaning and that has really made me think about it long after I watched this video.

“In this age of Knowledge Economy as opposed to the age of Industrial Revolution, is meaning more important than efficiency?”


What would you rather do with your gift?

Imagine you’re a gifted designer, what is it that you’d like to design? What kind of work, projects you would love to get associated with? What kind of contribution would you like to make to the world at large? 


Career, beyond ladders…

I don’t have it all figured-out, or settled at this stage. When it’s not a typical career path/ladder, you need to figure it out as you go – you need to take decision as you deem fit at that point in time, and you never know how it will turn up.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Rethinking efficiency

The feeling of ‘Eilkrankheit – the discomfort with racing-life‘ is something I resonate with. Maybe it’s a good idea to think slow and examine where efficiency is really required in our life, and where it might be actually harming us.


Rethinking busy life

It is crucial to realize that spare time or free time is not a wasted time, it is as necessary as sleep in the night.

Over the years I have come to believe that the real opulence is more about time and not money. You can recover monetary loss but you cannot recover lost time…. ever! 


Choices, not abilities…

When we choose between options that are on a par, we can do something really rather remarkable. We can put our very selves behind an option. Here’s where I stand. Here’s who I am.

So what would you choose?