Hey reader,

Have you ever felt the spark of inspiration, only to find yourself stuck in a loop of overthinking?

I was probably caught up in that loop, among other things I'm juggling, which is why I couldn't write on MyZenPath in the last couple of months. Anyway!

In my latest article, "Act on It...", I explore the magic that happens when you step beyond hesitation and act on your ideas. Whether it's starting that blog you've always wanted or learning a new language, this piece would be helpful.

I'll be trying different ideas for articles going forward. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you enjoy most. Hit reply and let me know!

Happy reading,
~ Manish @ MyZenPath.com
March 2nd, 2024

Take the plunge

Act on it...

As a mid-lifer with years of experience, I've often been hailed for my meticulous analysis and thoughtful approach. Yet, I cannot help but ponder if my propensity for overthinking holds me back from taking some quick action at times. And I suspect I'm not alone; it is a common struggle for many of us. While deliberation is a valuable skill, …



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