Hey friend,

My Zen Path has turned 8, and I've got some exciting updates to share with you!

Happy 8th Birthday, MyZenPath! Eight incredible years of stories, insights, and deeper conversations. A massive thank you for being a part of this fantastic journey. 

New Article Alert: "Why fit-in when you can shine?" Dive into my latest contemplative piece where I explore the importance of embracing our individuality and uniqueness. 

Animation Debut: My 14-year-old has brought the blog's essence to life with a short animation film. Check it out in the article itself, and don't forget to drop your comments.  

As always, your thoughts and feedback mean the world to us.

Cheers to 8 years of My Zen Path, and here's to many more!

Keep shining,
~ Manish @ MyZenPath.com
February 24th, 2024

P.S. I'll be sharing readers' top picks next week. If you haven't shared your favorites yet, there's still time to send them in! :-)

Star, not a cog in the wheel

Why fit-in, when you can shine!

We're all stars in this cosmic show, right? Or perhaps stardust, especially if you're a Carl Sagan fan. But here's the twist: you're this brilliant little star, and instead of shining in your own unique way, you find yourself stuck, trying to blend in with a bunch of boring, greasy cogs in the wheel. I mean, really? Why squish into …



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