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This newsletter contains a wonderful talk by Dr. Brian Little explaining The Puzzle Of Personality, or in his own words - "Who are you, really?"  This is a funny yet insightful talk that explains various personality traits and digs deeper into extroversion and introversion. I am planing to follow it up with few articles on personality theories and assessments. I haven't been able to add them here due to other commitments, but I hope to add them soon in the next few days. 

Do read, watch and let me know your feedback, comments either on the website or by replying to this newsletter.

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February 24th, 2024

Dr. Brian Little: The puzzle of personality

The Puzzle Of Personality

This is a funny but insightful TED talk by Dr. Brian Little discussing personality.  Dr. Brian Little is currently at Cambridge University where he is a fellow of the Well-Being Institute and director of the social ecology research group in the department of psychology.  He is a well-known scholar and speaker in the field of personality and motivational psychology. I …