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I have stated with Personality Theories this month and plan to write more about them in the next few days including few personality assessments. 

This newsletter contains two articles from this series and they cover personality theories of Sigmund FreudErik Erikson and Carl Jung. I have also covered some background and history of personality theories in the first part. 

Do read, watch and let me know your feedback, comments either on the website or by replying to this newsletter. It would be wonderful if I could get some constructive inputs about My Zen Path and what it is becoming.

I wish you a great weekend and a wonderful month ahead! 

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June 20th, 2024

Carl Jung - Who You Truly Are!

Personality Theories 2

This is the second part of the Personality Theories that I am discussing on My Zen Path. I am discussing Carl Jung and his theories in this part, for I think his contribution to understanding the personality is quite important. Carl Jung Carl Jung (Via Wikimedia Commons - Public domain) Carl Jung (1875-1961) was an early followers of Freud because …


Personality Theories

Personality Theories 1

Personality theories and intriguing and exhaustive. I am planning to discuss few relevant psychological personality theories and assessments here. As such there are many important personality theories, but I will only discuss few that I think are important and relevant in the contemporary world. Some of these theories lack empirical evidence and statistical data supporting their claims; nevertheless they have …