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This newsletter contains the last two parts of the Personality Theories in which I am discussing Humanistic Approach that includes works of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. They are in a way pioneers of the modern psychological approaches that believe in human potential and inherent good nature of the people. They both firmly believed in the growth potential and ability to self-actualize in the individuals.

Do read and let me know if any one of these personality theories resonated deep within or gave you an insight to carry with. You can reply to this newsletter or leave a comment on specific article.   

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February 24th, 2024

Carl Rogers - Satisfying Life

Personality Theories 5

This is the fifth and last part in the personality theories series. This part covers theories of one of my favourite psychologists of all time - Carl Rogers.  He is a prominent name in Humanistic Psychology and his client-centred therapy forms basis of many modern day therapies. Carl Rogers - Person-Centered Therapy Carl Rogers (1902-1987) agreed with primary assumptions made …


Maslow: What one can be, one must be!

Personality Theories 4

This is the fourth part of the personality theories series. When I started writing this, I wanted to cover theories by Abraham Maslow as well As Carl Rogers. However as I continued writing, I realized that the article is growing much longer than what I had anticipated. So this part only discusses Maslow's theory and the next (and hopefully last) …