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This newsletter contains an article and video What does it mean to be yourself? that can been seen as an addition to the article that I had posted last month - Being yourself. This is a nice short video of not-so-famous woman who narrates her journey of doubting herself to being herself. The earnestness of her story really appealed to me and I think many of us could relate to her experiences as well. 

Do share your inputs and feedback if something here resonates with you. Simply hitting reply to this mail works quite well and if you share your comments on the article itself, that could be helpful for other readers as well. 

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November 29th, 2023

Become Who You Are

What does it mean to be yourself?

I came across this TEDx talk that provides a nice little addition to the article that I posted last month about Being yourself  by asking an important question - What Does It Mean To Be Yourself? Carly Sotas is the author of Illusion, a non-fiction book which explores questions of identity, happiness, and success. She shares her challenges, and insights …