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It is a very happy newsletter from my side - the featured article is about #ThaiCaveRescue that captured the world's attention earlier this month. While we rejoiced this beautiful display of humanity and solidarity, I also experienced many 'Aha' moments seeing so many real life stories unfolding which exemplified what I have been writing here on My Zen Path. In this month's Thai Cave Rescue insights article, I have explored those connections. It is more of a photo-feature that will certainly warm your heart. 

I am recommending another external article from Deccan Herald (DH) in this newsletter - Beyond colleges and universities that has stories of the students who took a gap-year to explore their true passion. I had suggested this in the last year's article How to choose your career? while discussing outliers with reference to Rahul Alvares. A friend informed me that five students from the Valley (Krishnamurti School) graduating class opted for gap-year this year. May the tribe grow! :-)

The DH article quotes this wonderful insight shared by Medha Patil who opted for a gap-year after her 12th standard. 

“I realised that I am even more passionate about Maths than I thought,” she says. “I didn’t need exams to keep learning or working on Maths continuously. I used Khan Academy and other online learning platforms. I found that I loved Maths, Computer Science and Coding, so even when I was not forced into it, I was inclined towards those subjects. Now after a year, I am confident that this is what I really want to do.”  

If you're interested, do read the original article for other stories as well. I'll be including some excerpts form DH article as an update in my earlier article How to choose your career? soon.

I am glad to find many resonances this month, and that's why this is a happy newsletter (not that others are unhappy...). Do comment or write back (hitting reply to this email works) if something strikes a chord with you as well. 

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February 24th, 2024

Thai Cave Rescue

Thai Cave Rescue insights

All of us rejoiced when all 12 boys from local Wild Boars football club and their  25-year old coach Ekkapol Ake Chantawong were rescued from the caves in Thailand where they were trapped for 17 days. This rescue operation spanning over several days and involving experts from several nations also saw death of the Thai navy SEAL Saman Kunan, who swam through …