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This issue features one interesting debate - Excellence, Not Perfection. This is not based on a single talk as such, it feature many short videos and excerpts from books and few other articles. It is already a longish article, but I thought I could have added lot more material, references here since there were many connections that I could have explored. Nevertheless, I have edited it few times to keep it crisper, with additional materials and videos linked if you get curious. 

One interesting insight from my observations of the site statistics is that I often see external materials clicked from My Zen Path articles, and time spent is usually much larger than what average online articles attract. I believe this indicates that our readers much more curious and serious about knowing the topic in depth. That keeps me going with all my research,reading and spending inordinate amount of time for creating a single article. Of course, few encouraging mails and comments from you make it even better. 

I hope you'd enjoy this issue and looking forward to your comments and feedback. Wishing you an excellent weekend & month ahead! :-)

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May 29th, 2024

Excellence, not perfection

Excellence, Not Perfection

This is one concept I have struggled to grasp myself for a long time. I thought striving for perfection, which by itself is more like an asymptote, is something that makes us perform better. However, over the years when I started following this excellence versus perfection related discussion through numerous articles and videos, I slowly realized my own misinterpretation of …