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The theme of this newsletter is travel. It features MyZenPath exclusive story of a couple Rohan & Sharayu, who quit their IT jobs to travel India for one year. In fact, Rohan has decided not to take up a full time job ever again. Do read some interesting insights from their journey. 

I had written about India tea seller, Vijayan in 2015 who is fulfilling his dream and travelling the world despite his limited income. He was recently covered by famous traveller and Instagrammer Drew Binsky and as he mentions, Vijayan has already visited 23 countries by now. I have added Binsky's interview in the original article as well. 

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March 2nd, 2024

Rohan & Sharayoo

The wanderers ~ Rohan & Sharayu

Rohan and Sharayu travelled 40,000 kilometers, 200 towns and three countries, including Nepal and Myanmar besides India during this one year. (Earlier story: He quit his IT job to travel) The journey together Actually, even before starting the journey, the struggle had begun for Rohan and Sharayu. The struggle to convince their parents. Rohan's sister, Sharvari, had a pivotal role in …


Rohan Sadadekar

He quit his IT job to travel ~ Rohan Sadadekar

Rohan Sadadekar worked in a well-paying corporate IT job for 6 years, but didn't really love what he was doing there. His mind was wandering, and he wanted to travel - so he planned for few years, quit his job and took a year off with his girlfriend Sharayu to travel India. Though I have primarily spoken to Rohan about …