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This newsletter features a wonderful TED talk titled There is more to life than being happy by Emily Esfahani Smith. I could connect to lot of what she discusses here with the articles here on My Zen Path, such as importance of purpose, flow and sense of belonging, or relationships. It's a short talk, but makes you ponder why you still miss something despite having all that is apparently required for happiness.

I hope you'd like it as well. Looking forward to your comments, feedback and encouragement. 

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November 29th, 2023

Beyond Happiness

Beyond happiness...

The opening lines of this TED talk caught my attention, in her TED talk There is more to life than being happy speaker Emily Esfahani Smith says - Everyone said the path to happiness was success, so I searched for that ideal job, that perfect boyfriend, that beautiful apartment. But instead of ever feeling fulfilled, I felt anxious and adrift. …