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This newsletter features a short (~ 6 mins), humorous TED talk Learning from 2,000 obituaries by Lakshmanan aka Lux Narayan. I have found several parallels in the death related articles that I have written on My Zen Path earlier - Before I die remains my favourite though.

Connecting dots is fun, and hearing similar insights from different people with diverse backgrounds makes them all the more powerful. Do watch. 

Do write back with your comments and suggestions.

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February 24th, 2024

Learning from 2000 obituaries

Learning from 2,000 obituaries

Death is fascinating - for one it is inevitable and second, we don't know what's beyond it. I have already written few articles here on My Zen Path about death, such as Candy Chang's powerful Before I die, Anita Moorjani's insights from her near-death experience Dying to be me, David Brooks' contemplation of eulogy in Life beyond résumé, and wisdom …