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This newsletter is getting delivered in the evening today instead of morning because I couldn't get the relevant article finished yesterday owing to the Christmas celebrations. So here it is - a small piece about trying something new - might be a good idea for the upcoming new year, and it is NOT about new year resolutions. :-)

This has been a challenging year for most of the world given the unprecedented pandemic and related woes. Personally I lost few near and dear ones, and facing some tougher challenges on several fronts. Well, life happens...

I couldn't do any MyZenPath exclusive features on the inspiring people this year due to the pandemic, but I plan do them in the upcoming year. I believe the upcoming year will turn out to be a happier & healthier one for all us sentient beings. The vaccine is almost here, so we should see waning of the pandemic in the next few months. The time & space this year allowed might offer transformation for some of us... Let's hope for the best! :-)  


subscriber, I recently took this free course Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty on Coursera, and I found it quite helpful. It also includes Lucy Hone's resilience story that I had covered earlier this year. See if you find this course interesting enough to enrol. 

Also, there is wonderful take on familiar 'Hare & Tortoise' fable by Eklavya Sinha that I'd recommend you to read, I have added it in the comments of Rethinking efficiency.  

Wishing you and your dear ones a happy, healthy, and purposeful new year ahead.

In gratitude,
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May 29th, 2024

Try something new…

Trying something new...

Nah, don't get me wrong - I'm not asking your new year resolution. We all know what happens to our new year resolutions (well, at least for most of us, most of the time). So let's not get there... :P Here is a tiny idea instead - try something new, something you always wanted to add to your life for …