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This newsletter features an article about understanding behavioural change and factors affecting it. The related TED talk is a typical one by Dr. Dan Ariely (second one on MyZenPath) - funny, but deeply insightful to leave a lasting impression. I have created a simple illustration to capture the essence of that talk as well. Do watch, read and let me know your thoughts.

Some course at Indiana University seems to have mentioned the Imposter article that I had written here earlier; although I cannot see the course page itself since it is only for the logged-in users. Nevertheless, this has been quite a pleasant surprise. :-)

As always, it would be great to hear from you if you find something resonating deep within. 

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June 20th, 2024


Understanding behavioural change

This post can be considered in continuation with the article and talk that I had added last month: Trying something new. That article discussed forming new habits by trying something new for 30 days, whereas this one tries to understand how to change behaviour for better, and the factors affecting it. Dan Ariely (PhD) is a behavioural economist and professor …