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This newsletter is being sent on this Sunday instead of Saturday because I was caught up with my work, and couldn't finish my piece by Friday. Anyway, here it is.

This newsletter features a short talk (~ 8 mins) by Netflix's former chief talent officer Patty McCord: Post pandemic work & life. There are quite a few insightful observations there, and I think this unprecedented situation has forced many of us to rethink our work, life, and contemplate what really matters. I am one of them. 

Do watch the talk, and share your thoughts, experiences about how our lives are undergoing changes during this pandemic. 

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March 2nd, 2024

Post pandemic work & life

Post pandemic work & life...

It has been a year since the lock-downs in India started last year with the severity of Covid-19 pandemic. The restrictions were slowly eased in a few months, however lot of practices have changes since as we are getting adjusted to the new normal. And as we are going forward with the vaccinations, few things in our lives, work have …