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This newsletter features Career, beyond ladders... A discussion based on 'The Squiggly Career' talk and book by Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper. I have shared some of my own experiences about my squiggle & experiments from the last few years.  

I see lot of people questioning the way we work now since the C19 pandemic has forced many of us to work differently. I feel elated that so many people are rethinking work & life now, and echoing the sentiments that I've expressed here on My Zen Path earlier. If there's only one article you'd like to share it with them, let it be this one - Career, beyond ladders.


When it comes to Grit, Angela Duckworth is a well-known name (Grit article from My Zen Path) due to her research and book about the same. She will be holding an online session titled: Character & Happiness - with Angela Duckworth on 9th September, 2021 at 7pm London time (BST) on Zoom. This is a free/open-for-all session that I'll highly recommend (I'm not affiliated/associated with it). If the time suits you, please don't miss it. 


Do write back to share your inputs, suggestions if something resonates. 

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March 2nd, 2024


Career, beyond ladders

Career, beyond ladders...

I think, it would be difficult for most of the working professionals to not relate to these lines - "And in those first few years of work, we were all about promotions and pay rises. We were preoccupied by the positions that we held and how senior our job titles sounded. And on the surface, everything seemed to be on …