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Dear reader,

Does this ring a bell? 

"I was staying up way past midnight, doomscrolling, playing endless games of online Scrabble and bingeing entire seasons of TV shows that weren't even good. The next morning I'd wake up in a daze and swear, "Tonight in bed by 10:00." But it kept happening night after night for weeks. What was I thinking?"

Well, it did in my case. As a result, this newsletter features an article Stagnation to flow... around Adam Grant's beautiful talk where he talks about languishing - the aimless, joyless feelings (not depression) that many of us are experiencing during this prolonged pandemic; and adjusting to the changes in work & life.

The talk discusses connections to Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s Flow, and further delves into micro-flow. It is insightful to watch this funny, little video (~16 mins), don't miss it. BTW, I've added a note on Flow in this newsletter itself.

Do share your inputs & comments, always a pleasure to read the readers' contributions. :)

Finding my flow moments,
~ Manish @
May 29th, 2024


Stagnation to flow...

Most of us are still coming to terms with the changes that we are witnessing in our work & life post-pandemic. I had touched upon Post pandemic work & life in the article based on Patty McCord's talk. This is another insightful talk that did strike a chord within, see these excerpts - I wasn't depressed. I still had hope. …