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My Zen Path completed 6 years on November 25, and it wouldn't have been possible without your support. To celebrate this anniversary there is a new, exclusive ' inspiring people' story of Sunanda Khosla. Since she happens to be a good writer, she has written this story herself as a guest author on My Zen Path. Do read - it is a simple, grounded story of not following the well-trodden path, and a desire to create her own way as she goes along.

Amongst other news, the famous travelling tea-seller K.R. Vijayan passed away at the age of 71. I had written about him back in 2015 when he had travelled some 17 countries with his meagre income. By this year he had already travelled 26. He was living his dream despite the obvious financial limitations. You can read about him here - Indian Tea Seller Who Travelled 17 Countries

Talking about the last 6 years, there were times when I kept wondering if I should stop writing here. But then I get an email every once in a while that mentions relating to something written here, and that keeps me going. :)  

Keep writing, do add your inputs under the articles - they encourage us to continue here. 

Thank you again for your support for these 6 years. 

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December 4th, 2023

Sunanda Khosla

Teaching her way - Sunanda Khosla

When Manish asked me to guest write a column for My Zen Path, I was honoured but also confused. My path is mildly offbeat, but not zen – it is nowhere close to the zen ideals of balance and peace, but I try. I’ll start from the beginning. How it started? I’ve always loved science and have been good at …