Introducing My Zen Path

My Zen Path
My Zen Path

I am excited to formally introduce my new venture: My Zen Path. It is my labor of love for something close to my heart – self-discovery & self-actualization. It is for all those who wish to follow their own path, including those who haven’t yet figured out their own path! 🙂

Last few years I have been on my own journey of self-exploration. I have been trying to align my doing with my being. My Zen Path is in a way the culmination of all that I have been exploring for the past few years. It is my endeavor to provide guidance and examples of meaningful living and working with purpose through My Zen Path.

I will be writing here regularly and I am also planning to facilitate some workshops and individual consulting through this. You can read more about the synthesis and offerings of My Zen Path on the About page.

Do take time to explore articles & videos on this website and add your comments if you find it intriguing or resonating. I’d also request you to subscribe to the free weekly newsletter of this website so that you can get all the latest posts and updates delivered to your inbox. If you like the idea of this website, please help me to spread the word. Do share it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.  so that it could reach more people.

The website updates are available on Twitter here: MyZenPath on Twitter and you can like the page on Facebook here: MyZenPath on Facebook. Show your love by following the twitter account and/or liking its facebook page.

Please keep in mind that the website is still undergoing some changes in design, features & organization (it’s a beta version). I would be working on it for the next couple of months or so. I’d welcome any feedback or suggestion for improving the website as well!

I hope I would be able to write quality contents consistently enough to win the love of regular readers for this website. It would be impossible without the support & encouragement of its early readers, so please send your feedback as you read through the beta version of this site.

~ Manish

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