8 years of My Zen Path: Readers’ favorites

My Zen Path turned eight on November 25ᵗʰ, 2023. Eight years! Despite the occasional hiatus, I have kept it alive for all these years.

Through it all, the blog has been a home for stories that delve deeper than the “5 Easy Steps to XYZ” listicles. It’s about the messy, beautiful, often contradictory journey of being human – the kind of stuff that makes you contemplate the universe while being stuck in a traffic jam (that was me, yesterday!).

I sometimes wonder if people really read those long pieces. However, every now and then I receive an email that assures me that my midnight ramblings haven’t completely fallen on deaf ears. Recently, I invited readers to share the articles that resonated with them. It is heartening to read that when a piece I’ve written here touches someone, it really stays with them. That’s some much-needed respite for a self-doubting blogger. 🙂

Here are the articles that touched your hearts and sparked your thoughts:

Readers’ favorites from My Zen Path

The post I have loved immensely, and could resonate with very much  is:  Finding your flow.

It is  just so important to have such moments where you are totally lost immersed in doing something that for sometime takes you away from all the to do lists, when all that clutter in the busy mind gets washed away. For me my flow is doing arts, I lose track of time when I am absorbed in it..purely meditative I can say.
— Dr. Bosky

Finding your flow

While I love other categories too, my pick had to be from self discovery, because I think Manish has spent quite some time figuring out himself which reflects in his posts and choice of ted talks and topics. This particular post, What if I am not good enough? highlights the importance of being vulnerable and imperfect – or in other words of being authentically human.  I have liked Brene’s work a lot and Manish does a good job of connecting the dots. I also like Being yourself because he has a section there on how to apply to real world. I would suggest him to have such a section in all his further posts!

— Sandeep Gautam

What if I am not good enough?

Being yourself

I liked Stagnation to flow. I love the idea of micro flow a lot and use it in my life too often. Things like cooking, writing about my favorite topics brings me closer to my flow state.
— Rahul Prakash

Stagnation to flow…

My pick is Rethinking efficiency. This article really nailed it in pointing out how everyone’s obsessed with being super efficient. It breaks down some cool research, showing it’s okay not to be a productivity superhero 24/7. Slowing down a bit can actually be better for our happiness and getting stuff done. Loved how it made me rethink squeezing every bit out of every moment.
— Navin

Rethinking efficiency

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your picks. It’s heartening to see the concept of ‘flow’ resonating with readers. Additionally, though not a part of these picks, my last article featuring my son’s video, Why fit-in, when you can shine! received many heartfelt messages.

So, here’s to eight years of (mostly) coherent sentences, occasional (accidental) profoundness, and a whole lot of self-discovery. May the next eight years be filled with more stories, more connections, and hopefully, more laughter. 🙂

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The featured image used in this article is by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay, and I’m using it here with gratitude.

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