How To Find Fulfilling Work

Continuing the discussion on ‘Work’, this brief video is a brilliant and practical summary of work by thinker, philosopher Roman Krznaric from his book: How to Find Fulfilling Work (School of Life). He is a founding faculty member of The School Of Life and a contributor to their work on practical philosophy series.

This short and precise video is quite apt for those of us who “have career crises, often on a Sunday evening”! 🙂

It presents useful 6 ideas (Actually 6 steps) about how to find fulfilling work. I particularly like these two points here –

  • Being confused about career choice is perfectly normal.
  • Know yourself.

The second one is especially crucial. Not only from psychological or philosophical point of view, but also from practical perspective. MBTI and Career Concepts are some good tools to gain better knowledge of the self from personal & career perspective.  If you want to follow your own path, first and foremost you need to know who you are! Knowing what we want to do doesn’t arise spontaneously! Here is an excerpt from the video that I found particularly insightful –

It could probably take a year or more of sustained daily reflections to start to identify a career that fits (you). To make sure that we don’t continue to spend the rest of our lives trapped in a job unwittingly chosen for us, by our unknowing 16-year-old selves, we need to be fairly generous about the amount of time we’ll need to give this.

I wholeheartedly concur with this! Figuring out own path is not a task that can be done in a weekend workshop or in couple of weeks or so. You need to stay with those questions authentically over a long period of time and then it becomes a lifelong quest to go deeper and deeper into the depths of self!

Watch the video to know all the 6 steps of finding fulfilling work and ponder where you are right now or if you are willing to start your own journey of self-exploration. Feel free to add comments if you have any queries/questions.

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