About My Zen Path & Manish

About My Zen Path

My Zen Path My Zen path is simply My Own Path! Besides its contemporary, colloquial connotations and ongoing trend of using Zen for anything and everything, this is what Bodhidharma had to say about Zen


Not dependent on the written word,
Transmission apart from the scriptures;
Directly pointing at one’s heart,
Seeing one’s nature, becoming Buddha.

Excerpts from: What is Zen?

As the last two lines suggest, Zen can also be interpreted as becoming fully aware of your original nature, your real being. Keeping that in mind, My Zen Path becomes My Own Path, that is the path of my original nature, path of my being and my way of living!

So when I do something in harmony with my original nature, I follow my own path, which is essentially My Zen Path!

About Manish

Manish Hatwalne
Manish Hatwalne

My name is Manish Hatwalne and I am based in Pune, India. It is rather difficult to identify myself with a single professional identity. I am a writer/blogger, facilitator, psychology enthusiast, REBT practitioner, software consultant, an INFJ, and a Renaissance Soul (or multipotentialite).  I am a Certified Occupational Testing Professional and accredited professional member of Indian Institute of Business Psychology (IIBP). I am also a Certified Psychometric Test Professional (CPTP) from Middle Earth HR.

My Zen Path features interesting ideas about purposeful work, meaningful life and stories of individuals who personify these. It is for all those who wish to follow their own path, including those who haven’t yet figured out their own path! 🙂 You can find several articles, psychometric tests and videos related to self discovery, self-actualization and inspiring people here. In a nutshell,

My Story

I have been working as a software professional for 16 years and I took a sabbatical in 2014 to pursue my other interests more actively – being an INFJ & Renaissance Soul, I have plenty of them. I explored several options, met some interesting people, travelled in the Himalayas and read a lot about self-discovery and self-actualization. One crucial factor in my journey of self exploration was my long discussions & analysis with my mentor-cum-friend Sachin Chavan. We both share our interest for MBTI and other psychometric tests. He is an MBTI Certified Practitioner and uses it very effectively with his organizational clients. I used several inventories and other resources during my own self-exploration and I shared some of those resources and my insights with my friends. I also gave a talk called ‘What Do I Really Want To Do?’ at ThoughtWorks, Pune (India) in Feb 2015. I realized that lot of my friends and people from the audience resonated with my thoughts and were curious about my own self exploration. The talk was then followed by 7 blog posts series: Journey Of Self Exploration that became quite popular.

What I had thought of as a deeply personal journey turned out be a nascent need of many other professionals. It doesn’t matter whether you know Maslow’s hierarchy, self-actualization and all that jargon, aligning your work with your original nature, your own being is a bliss that everyone could achieve. And that’s the reason for existence of this website and my work around it!

This website in a way is the culmination of all that I have been doing for the past few years. Since its launch in Nov 2015, I have been writing articles, stories on My Zen Path that would encourage all of us to rethink our work and life – for individuals as well as within the organizational work culture. I believe the resources here would be useful for individuals keen on their own self-exploration, self-actualization as well as for organizations looking for talent management insights!

My Zen Path Endeavors

This is what I am doing through My Zen Path as it continues to evolve – 

  • I enjoy writing articles about various theories, books, inspiring people and my own musings about work and life here on MyZenPath.com. The website also features several TED talks and other videos based on exciting ideas or noteworthy individuals. I use several inventories myself and for my clients, so you can find many resources (inventories, tests etc.) here to gain deeper self-knowledge; such as MBTI personality type, your strengths, your career concepts and so on.
  • I facilitate custom workshops for limited audience (such as Young Feet for teenagers) and occasional open workshops that are open for anyone to register. Open workshops are announced on the Events Page, as well as on My Zen Path Facebook Page as and when they are scheduled.
  • I also like to help people with their self-explorations and career decisions, including career transitions. I strongly believe that you should choose your work (doing) based on who you are (being) and what you really love doing. I have helped few individuals through personal consulting sessions and this work is immensely gratifying for me. My role in these sessions is not as a career counselor, but I am more of a self-exploration facilitator and I love connecting the dots. If you’re interested, contact me for more details.

If you like what My Zen Path is becoming, do share the articles, stories and resources with your friends and on social media. Subscribe to the free Newsletter to ensure that you do not miss the latest stories, updates or events.

Your Own Path

The journey of self-exploration is lifelong. It is different for different people. All you really need is committing yourself to this process of self exploration as authentically as you can. Living meaningful life and working with purpose is extremely fulfilling and intrinsically rewarding. However, this is usually not an easy process as you go deeper into your being, questioning your beliefs and cultural conditioning about life, work and money. You need to unlearn lot of what you have been told repeatedly about success and its delusive association with wealth & fame. You need to evolve your own definition of your success. When you are aware of your real being and choose your doing in harmony with your being, you have started walking on your own path, and that is your zen path!

If you are a leader within an organization, you can use many of these theories and insights such as Barry Schwartz’s Why We Work, Dan Ariely’s What makes us feel good about our work?  and similar articles for organizational development and talent management. If you are interested in exploring how these ideas can be used in your startup or SME for better talent management, contact me for further discussion.

I’ve begun my journey on my own Zen path and I will continue to share stories & insights from my journey here. Leave a comment to let me know your feedback or what you’d like to see on this website.

Happy exploring, experimenting and keep walking on your own Zen path! 🙂

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