Introduction To Journey Of Self Exploration

This is a series of seven posts that I wrote on my personal blog after my talk for PUVU held at ThoughtWorks, Pune in February 2015. These posts share some useful links, articles ad videos that I found relevant to Self Exploration.

I have consciously chosen the words “Self Exploration” instead of “Self Discovery”, because I think “Self Discovery” has an implied connotation that you ought to discover something as a result. Self Exploration is a more free term. It is open, and to me it indicates willingness to wander, to explore and accept all that is part of you, including the laziness & inertia to do things that we really want to do, but somehow we don’t!

We may eventually develop deep insights about our own being and purpose in this process, but it is more about committing ourselves to this process of self exploration as authentically as we can. It is of course slow and iterative process, but it is immensely rewarding as well.

I am sharing all these seven posts here that I had originally written as they are relevant to the theme of this Website. I will also be sharing few other related posts on this Website.

You can find all Journey Of Self Exploration posts here: JOSE – Journey Of Self Exploration Series

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