Building Confidence

This a short post containing just a single important point – how to build confidence?

Brittany Packnett is a writer and educator, and in this talk she makes a compelling case for one of the most important soft skills –  Confidence.

Confidence is the necessary spark before everything that follows. Confidence is the difference between being inspired and actually getting started, between trying and doing until it’s done. Confidence helps us keep going even when we failed.


A lack of confidence pulls us down from the bottom and weighs us down from the top, crushing us between a flurry of can’ts, won’ts and impossibles. Without confidence, we get stuck, and when we get stuck, we can’t even get started. Instead of getting mired in what can get in our way, confidence invites us to perform with certainty. We all operate a little differently when we’re sure we can win versus if we just hope we will.

~ Brittany Packnett

You can watch the video here –

She mentions three factors for building, nurturing confidence – Permission, Community, and Curiosity. She further asserts that confidence needs permission to exist and community is the safest place to practice it. I think that’s why psychologists say we should should encourage the kids at home to nurture their confidence.

It is best to understand these three factors from Brittany Packnett herself from her talk. Do watch. 🙂

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The featured image used in this article is by Sarah Richter from Pixabay, and I’m using it here with gratitude.

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