The happiness race

I’ll be posting few short films (~5 to 10 mins) with little or no comments from my side this month. These films have left lasting impressions on my mind, they have even influenced my thinking in some way or the other. I guess some of these will get you thinking as well.

I’ll be posting few relevant words, quotes or illustrations form another writer or artiste along with the film video, but won’t indulge in any verbose elaboration myself. Do watch and please leave a note if something speaks to you personally.

Felicidad – Happiness by Steve Cutts

Happiness or felicidad (Spanish) is a silent short-film about the race for happiness – how we keep looking for it, and what all we give up for this.

It Is A Rat Race! by Lovinia Sylvia Chidi

O! Yeah! It is a rat race
So many more rats I have to face

In hundreds we crawl the city pavements
This rat era of industrial enslavement
Creeping through the tunnels of the underground
The rats are forever mass politically duty-bound
And with any new evolution
We wave ‘hello’ to a new revolution

O! Yeah! It is a rat race
Every little space is a crowded place

Read the complete poem here.

~ Lovina Sylvia Chidi (Born 1971, German Poet and Chess Player)

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